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Tale of Genji, chapter 3

I overslept because I'm not feeling well, but chapter 3 is very short—can I write it up while my bagel toasts?

Chapter 3, "The Shell of the Locust": In which Genji crawls into bed with the wrong woman.

So Genji's all feeling "shock and shame" at being rejected by the woman in the last chapter, "do not know how I can go on living," all this. The boy he's with, the woman's brother, cries at this and not, apparently, at the notion that Genji prefers his sister to him.

The boy sneaks him back into the house, Genji spies on the woman and her stepdaughter (meanwhile thinking, "Hey, that stepdaughter isn't bad either"). Later he sneaks into the room where the two women are sleeping.

The text is a little ambiguous to me, but I think that the woman knows he's there and in a last-minute panic slips out. Anyway, she leaves, Genji crawls into bed with her stepdaughter and doesn't realize until he's there. Because he's Genji, he talks the s.d. into letting him stay, promises to write, etc. etc. And then of course never does.

He also sends a blowoff poem to the original woman, tells the boy that he's very nice and all but he doesn't know about their future because his family is so strange, and sulks. No-one's happy!

Primary thoughts: "Oh, are you really going to . . . yes, you are," and, it feels like we've wrapped up an arc, though I could be wrong.

And there's the toaster.

Edit: chapter 3 online; more Genji posts.

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