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Fullmetal Alchemist, episodes 33-35 (dubs)

A good place to leave the series for a week or so. Spoilers for episodes 33-35 behind the cut; spoil me for future episodes and I will send a vengeful ghost to go "BLEAAAHHHH!" at you.

Episode 33, "Al, Captured": In which Al is, well, captured.

Lyra (what's-her-face from Youswell) is not dead after all, okay.

Izumi doesn't trust her teacher, very interesting. Considering that Dante has A GREAT BIG RED STONE, I'm guessing that Dante decided in favor of going after the Philosopher's Stone and Izumi decided against. Does Dante want or intend to "put an end to all this fighting"?

Greed wants eternal life and thinks Al can help. That's interesting. And his real form is creepy.

There was really intrusive music over Greed and Ed's faceoff. And Ed's never killed anyone? Are we not counting Majhal in episode 4? I guess they mean with intent.

Episode 34, "Theory of Avarice": In which Ed kills Greed.

Military bits: Archer + Tucker + Kimblee = oh so very bad. Armstrong only wants them to give up Al, that's interesting. Poor Armstrong, he's really in a bad situation during these episodes.

The "person pulling the strings" has given them the means to end Greed—and the plan was for him to go to Dante's, where those means are. Greed tells Al he could've fled, Al says "That's not what I'm worried about now"; is he worried about Greed, who really does inspire loyalty oddly, doesn't he?

So the presence of the bones of the attempted-resurrectee weaken a Homunculus (that would be the skull in his prison), and that array (points at icon) makes him vomit up Stones—"That's my life!" And the creepy old guy in the Ishbalan camp told Scar there were lives in his arm—so Stones are like extra lives in a video game, and getting your head smashed off just uses up one of those lives. And Dante's body is on the floor, and Lyra shouldn't know how to do that array or have his remains—apparently Lyra is working with Lust et al. (the H-team, I'm calling them (see roundups below)). Greed seems to recognize Lyra as she left—as Pride? Something else? (I am reminded that when we first met Lyra again, she said that their encounter at Youswell made her realize she needed to be stronger—not better, but stronger.)

Greed specifically taunts Ed into killing him so he could have a good death (my interpretation) and also to tell him how to beat the other Homunculi: "they pull the strings, now cut them. I'm counting on you." This was more emotional than I expected, actually. (Except that he doesn't tell him about the array or Stones. By my interpretation of what we saw, the presence of remains is necessary but not sufficient. Hmm.)

I didn't catch that the bag was Greed's skull, btw, Chad got it. And the brothers are going to have to dig up Mom, won't that be fun!

Episode 35, "Reunion of the Fallen": In which Lust has memory flashes.

The H-team knows that Greed's dead. Envy: "You-know-who will just replace us." Me: "What, Voldemort?" Sloth is taking care of Wrath.

The brothers are heading for the Ishbal camp (what will they find there, considering the way we left it?); there's a really brief flash of Scar with some kind of pendant in his hand.

Okay, to summarize the main plot: the H-team spreads a ridiculous plague so that Lust can encourage a doctor, Lujon (sp?), to use alchemy; she gives him a fake Stone which temporarily cures people, and when that fails eventually, as it must, he'll seek the true Stone. Lujon falls for Lust, Lust has memory-flashes of the person whose form she has, and eventually Lujon reminds her of Scar's brother a little too strongly and she kills him. This girl with a really really annoying voice also loves Lujon, finds him dead, and lies down and dies at his side.

There's also a nice echo of the birds in the first two episodes.

A less-jarring way to wrap up this arc than episode 26, that's for sure.

* * *

Roundups (wow, I'm such a dork):

The list of people who know or knew about the brothers' human transmutation:

  • Rose;
  • All the Homunculi but Pride, since Pride hasn't been revealed yet;
  • did the people of Lior understand about the empty armor? I don't think so, but there's a slight possibility that "most of Lior" should be on this list (what's left of it);
  • Cornello;
  • Majhal;
  • Shou Tucker;
  • Winry and Auntie Pinako;
  • Marcoh;
  • Scar;
  • The ex-soldier without a leg in episode 16, who Ed tells about trying to restore his arm and leg and his brother's body;
  • The Slicer(s), and Barry the Chopper;
  • All the prisoners in Lab 5;
  • Izumi Curtis and her husband;
  • the chimeras with Greed in episode 30+; and
  • Kimblee.
  • In the military:
    • Roy Mustang;
    • Riza Hawkeye;
    • Maes Hughes;
    • Alex Louis Armstrong;
    • Kain Furey;
    • Heymans Breda;
    • Jean Havoc;
    • Vato Falman;
    • Maria Ross;
    • Denny Brosh;
    • Lt. Col. Archer.

The Homunculi:

Name Creator When created Power Faction Notes
Lust Scar's brother (attempt: his lover) (First) Ishbal Rebellion, ~1908? pointy fingernails the first-seen Homunculi team (Lust, Gluttony, Envy, Sloth), working for an unseen person stated goal: acquire the Philosopher's Stone so that the H. can become human
Gluttony ? ? eats through metal, tracks by taste the H-team mostly works with Lust
Envy ? 100s of years ago? shape-shifts the H-team loathes Papa Elric
Sloth Elric brothers (attempt: their mother) 1910 manipulates own body as water and vapor the H-team masquerading as Juliette Douglas
Greed (1) Dante (attempt: ?) pre-1770s (130-140 years in prison) the Ultimate Shield (carbon) himself imprisoned by the H-faction; stated goal: eternal life; killed by Ed in episode 34
Greed (2) speculation based on episode 35 comments that H. will just be replaced
Wrath Izumi (attempt: her unborn child) ~1906? (before 1910, appears a pre-teen in 1915) can do alchemy because of Ed's limbs; H.-specific power? the H-team? Sloth is "taking care of" survived on own because of alchemy unlike other H., per Envy
Pride ? ? ? ? ?

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