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Dog pictures

I found these dog pictures on my hard drive tonight and uploaded them.

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PUPPY! I want to come over and scritch her behind the ears, she's so cute!

Jack's out rolling in the snow and chasing the snowflakes around. I wish it wasn't so dark - there's not a snowball's chance (heh) of getting a picture.

Aw, snow-playing puppy. I really need to find all the blog and LJ posts we've done with dog pictures and collect them in one place; we have some good ones of her in the snow too.

Glad to hear Jack's having fun!

Ah, so that's where you keep your sf and fantasy anthologies...

Heh. Just anthologies, period; one is one of those honkin' big college-textbook anthologies.

Yes, multiple-author collections on that side of the fireplace; on the other CD binders, the Nero Wolfe books (because they're a mix of hardcover and paperback), and the Brother Cadfael series in paperback, for no reason other than that they were in the same box as the Nero Wolfes.