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Two Weeks in Review

Two weeks ago, I was displeased to find that someone had stolen a bunch of change from my office (and also from others; the person responsible was discovered promptly, and I declined to press criminal charges as it sounded like said person had more serious problems to deal with). It was kind of an up-and-down week—annoying things like that or having to buy a bunch of last-minute gifts, but then good things like seeing a perfect pair of shoes on the way into the mall to buy those gifts. Like that.

We spent Christmas weekend with Chad's family; at about 2:30 on Saturday morning, the enormous Christmas tree in the living room fell over with a crash, breaking about a dozen ornaments. I didn't hear the crash; I didn't hear Chad tell me "It's just the Blitz, go back to sleep"; I didn't hear the vacuuming or the taking stuff off the tree or the re-righting of the tree or the putting stuff back on the tree. The only thing I heard was the dog barking once; I said "huh" to myself and immediately fell back to sleep.

What can I say? It had been a long week.

(Oh, and earlier that night, we had discovered the magic that is a couple of drops of lemon juice, once lumped-up cheese fondue gets hot enough. Seriously, watching the cheese de-lump was like magic, or more prosacially like flipping a switch. Very cool.)

The traditional Christmas Eve dinner was as crowded as I've ever seen it: 25 people, eight of them under the age of 12; there were a number of points where my introvert self wanted to join one of the kids under the table, but I got through it okay. I think my favorite moment was five-year-old Z. very precisely stating to Chad's father, who'd picked him up, "Put me down or suffer the consequences!" (His sister C. also told Chad to stop tickling her or "I'll tell your Mommy!" Chad: "Go ahead, she's right over there.")

I had Monday off, so Chad's family came up to see our (much smaller) tree, pet the dog, and have dinner out, regarding which I regret to say that we will never go to Buca di Beppo again. I spent the rest of the week working and feeling under the weather (I bought myself a tech toy on Friday and didn't even open the packaging until the next day, which is very unlike me).

This Saturday we saw The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe, which was okay. Tilda Swinton was great; the animation of the talking animals was almost good enough (but the cheetahs and the polar bears were wonderful); Peter never made me want to kick him before; Mr. Tumnus was disconcerting without a waistcoat; and I was annoyed by the omission of the Witch's-food-is-addictive explanation. But I think the main problem is that on the page, especially as a kid, you can say "they're kings and queens? Sure, no problem!" (Leaving aside the whole problem of the very ending.) But when you're actually looking at them, well, putting them in charge just can't seem like a good idea (especially when they don't earn "the Magnificent" etc., but are dubbed as such at the beginnings of their reigns).

After the movie, we napped in shifts, I made mac & cheese for potluck again, and we went to the same New Year's party as last year, which was fun and not too tiring. Other than that, this weekend I've been doing exciting things like sleeping, doing laundry, and playing with my new tech toy, a Palm Z22. It's small and light and cute, and with the keyboard I also bought, it will make con reports and vacation posts much easier—no more transcribing scribbles! I don't know how much more organized it will make me, or rather I don't know whether it will be sufficiently easier that I'll actually keep up with it. But I have hopes based on playing with it this weekend.

Oh, that reminds me: I have a perfectly good password program already, which won't run on Palm OS but which will export its data as text. Obviously leaving it as a plain text file is no good, but I also don't want to have to muck about with importing it into a new program. What I want to do is export the file as text, put it on my Palm, and then encrypt it there—is there anything that will do that for me? I don't particularly want to encrypt entire applications or anything like that, either. Suggestions?

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