Kate (kate_nepveu) wrote,

Quick Samurai Champloo thoughts, post-episode-20

No spoilers, you know the drill.

If I'd been less tired and paid more attention to episode titles, the revelation of Sara's role would have been less of a surprise. "Elegy of Entrapment," indeed.

Raise your hand if you knew that the samurai who smelled of sunflowers was Fuu's father? Yeah, I thought so.

As Chad points out, Mugen really has no luck with women. Personally I would be very amused if the policewoman from a few episodes back would show up again, hit him over the head, and drag him off; he probably wouldn't know what to do with himself.

But I very much doubt that we're getting romantic endings, because it's not that kind of story. Fuu's quiet yearning after Jin almost certainly can't go anywhere either, since he likes the quiet tragic types, and while he seems to care about her somewhat (I think we're supposed to think that the sandal discovery and waterfall dive in "Lullabies of the Lost" are linked), I can't picture a romance from Jin's end. Besides personality reasons, the balance would go all wonky. *points at quickie homebrewed icon*

Finally, I'm mildly inclined to think that the sunflower samurai is findable but dead.

Who would've thought that I would like this better than Cowboy Bebop?

Tags: anime, samurai champloo

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