Kate (kate_nepveu) wrote,

Samurai Champloo, Disc 6

The thoughts at the top of my mind after watching. Spoilers for episodes 21-23 of Samurai Champloo:

  1. What the FUCK was up with the wasabi-pickled zombies?

    (Though, hey, a mention of Genji!)

  2. And then there's another episode in which one of our trio dies, but not really?

    (Note to self: see if the doggie with a baseball bat in his mouth makes a good icon.)

  3. And because things went and got very weird, we still don't know why the government wants to assassinate Jin. I'd thought we had the backstories fairly straight by now (though I forget exactly why Jin killed his master, if we knew; Chad thinks we don't).

We have the last disc, so no spoilers, please.

Tags: anime, samurai champloo

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