Kate (kate_nepveu) wrote,

Samurai Champloo, Disc 7 (episodes 24-26)

We watched the end of Samurai Champloo last night. I don't know if I can drag anything coherent out of my restless, short-attention-span, cold-addled brain, but I'll give it a shot.

Spoilers for the entire series, obviously.

At first I thought they were all ending up dead, which would have been sad but not unfitting; then I thought Fuu would be the only one left, which would have been just wrong; and then I was surprised, though pleasantly, that they all survived. I've settled on being okay with them splitting up at the end; at first I thought it was a waste considering that the whole point of the series was them coming to value each other as friends [*], but Fuu was right about needing to stand on her own, and what would they do if they stuck together?

However, because I am a sap, rec me some post-series reunion fic?

[*] I wish the show had been a bit more subtle about that; Jin's declaration when he appears on the cliff-top, and Jin and Mugen's conversation when they wake up, made me cringe a bit—not at the content, but at the delivery. (Maybe it was carryover embarassment from seeing Jin deshabillé—the Id Vortex really spinning out something tailored for the fangirls, there.)

I still don't understand why the government was going after the trio. Sometimes it seemed like it was just targeting Jin (Sara), for, what, revenge for killing his master and disrupting the plan to have the dojo be government assassins? Then at the start of episode 24, the government guy says that Jin and Mugen can't be allowed to meet Fuu's father, and I have no idea why; and then the extra-badass gardener guy says something about tracking the trio to lead them to Fuu's father.

I'm just resigning myself to never fully understanding Japanese narrative art.

At least the cryptic little riverside conversation between Fuu and Jin in episode 24, about what she'd do after the end of the quest, was cryptic to everyone; it's even a FAQ. Personally I think it was something to keep the fans occupied:

"Perhaps I should — "

"You know, I don't really want to think about stuff like that right now. If you did, that jerk Mugen would . . . "

It's like Samurai Champloo Mad Libs—find us a place to live, leave, kill you, die, snog you senseless, eat all the food . . .

(Sorry. It's the cold.)

Anyway. Post-series reunion fic, please, and anything else that's really good (and I think that getting the voices right here would be particularly tricky)?

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