Kate (kate_nepveu) wrote,

Rec us some NetFlix-able anime

We're done with Samurai Champloo now, and thus are out of anime from NetFlix (Fullmetal Alchemist being taped from Adult Swim as it airs). Chad and I both liked Champloo and are liking FMA; Cowboy Bebop worked much better for Chad than I, largely because I couldn't stand Faye and Ed (and to a lesser degree because noir isn't really my thing). I saw bits of Hellsing which I found visually stylish, probably too dark for me, and likely to be annoying in its treatment of the indecisive blonde girl.

Pretty thin fodder to base recommendations on, I realize, but does anyone have suggestions? We do find that anime works well on DVD, especially in half-hour episodes that don't have to be too much time commitment.

(I suspect Utena is just too weird for this point in our anime-watching experience, plus I have no idea what Chad would think of it (though I'm half-tempted to get it myself during March Madness just to see). The Count of Monte Cristo retelling, Gankutsuou, looked very visually strange to us in the previews on Champloo discs.)

Anyway, thoughtful recommendations, [eta:] with detail or reference links, are welcomed.

Tags: anime, recommendations

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