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Week in Review

This week was mostly a continuation of last. The cold continues, which made driving ~300 miles on Wednesday interesting; and, just to keep things fresh, it mutated into a sinus infection very early on Friday morning. Antibiotics are helping and I'd probably feel relatively good today, except that last night around 1:00 I decided to add a cough suppressant to my cocktail of drugs. I'm sure there must be some decisions made at one in the morning that are good, but let's just say this wasn't one of them.

(Instead of Mercedes Lackey, I've gone to Tamora Pierce for this cold. Her books about Kel are very good for the middle of the night while waiting for coughing fits to really go away. I'm not going to booklog them because I don't have anything new to say about them—well, Owen is just the cutest thing ever, but that's not really useful.)

In happier continuation news, my cheap modified CueCat arrived and works a treat; I highly recommend it plus LibraryThing if you have a lot of books you want to catalog. The Internet Review of Science Fiction bought my Sunday-at-Boskone report—my first writing sale! I'm thinking of sending them a review of Bad Magic whenever I get around to re-reading it; I brought it to Chad's doctor's appointment yesterday, because it's so weird that it would probably fit quite well with the cold-pill state of mind, but instead I ended up writing most of a booklog entry on those Suzanne Enoch books (and coughing. Don't forget the coughing.). Syracuse won the Big East championship last night; the phone rang immediately after and, since I expected it to be Chad's father (he usually calls after big games), I answered it with "Go, Josh Wright!" Of course, it wasn't his dad; fortunately, it was his mom, who puts up with my weirdness admirably. (And hey, a five seed! Yeah, there's that whole 5-12 thing, but that's much higher than we expected.)

Ooh! Mom's just told me that the World Men's Curling Championships are going to be in Lowell in April. I have no idea whether it's going to be practical to go, but I want to. Must investigate.

Finally, it looks like there are cool though hectic things coming up at work, so I am going to go back to doing some preliminary research in that general direction.

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