Kate (kate_nepveu) wrote,

Let's engage in the unauthorized practice of medicine

Who wants to play at giving medical advice this morning?

History: Sunday March 5, between lunch and dinner, throat started hurting sharply, like it was very swollen and sore. A cold ensues. On Wednesday night particularly I have a great deal of pain in my ears.

Early on the morning of Friday March 10, I wake up when my decongestant wears off and cough up a large quantity of yellow-green thick nasty-tasting junk. My prior trip onto the web for research, Wednesday night, tells me that this is a sign of a sinus infection, so I go to the doctor's on Friday afternoon. He tells me that I don't have an ear infection, that sinus infection pain can radiate out into the ears, and that I probably have a sinus infection. He gives me Zithromax (I think—pink, take two the first day and then one for three days after?). This gets rid of the nasty-tasting junk in a couple of days, and slowly over the course of that week the general cold symptoms tail off.

This week the cold symptoms, or something that's making me mildly congested in the mornings (especially if I sleep anywhere near face-down), are sticking around. On Monday evening I noticed that my nasal passages and throat were feeling extremely dry. On Thursday morning I woke up noticing slight pain in my right ear and a slight swollen feeling on the right side of my throat. This morning that's less but still noticeable. (I tend to sleep on my right side.)

And, this morning, I produced a very small but recognizable quantity of yellow-green thick nasty-tasting junk.

However, during the days, I'm not particularly congested, coughing, or feverish. I'm tired as hell, but I've been working really hard.


What should Kate do? Note you can choose multiple options.

Go to the doctor immediately. It's a sinus infection and those are nothing to mess with.
Go to the doctor immediately. It's something else, described in the comments, and it's nothing to mess with.
Go to the doctor on Monday if it gets worse. It might not be anything to worry about.
Start taking decongestants again. Yes, even though they make her feel like a zombie.
Start taking some other medication, described in a comment.
Eat lots of chocolate while she still can, because chocolate triggers coughing and if she's getting sick again she'll have to avoid it.
Something she hasn't thought of, described in a comment.

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