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Escaflowne eps. 5-8, scattered thoughts

Spoilers for disc 2 (episodes 5-8) of Vision of Escaflowne. Nothing too deep, though.

In short: more giant robots, fewer adolescent crushes.

Also, as though the teenager from another world, dragons, giant robots, and animal people weren't enough, we've added wingèd people with significant falling feathers. If nothing else, I have the feeling I am getting a decent grounding in anime tropes?

I liked learning a bit more about the machines, how magic powers the major tech, though I persist in believing that if they can do giant robots they ought to be able to do firearms.


  • Hitomi: included under the "fewer adolescent crushes," above. Also that eight-foot long jump was never drawn to scale. Otherwise, she's still okay. That's a really good pager she's got there; I think that scene is fairly conclusive evidence against the "it's just all a dream" idea, not that I thought we were in that kind of story anyway.
  • Van: do those wings retract after you've first pulled them out? That will be awkward if not.
  • Allen: still vaguely annoying, though at least he gives Hitomi a chance to prove herself and then takes her up on it. Mucking around with the look-alike sister of your dead love is not terribly cool, though.
  • Millerna: being in love with the love of your dead look-alike sister is just kind of sad, really. But at least she can pull off a rescue.
  • Folken: I kept hearing his name as "Falcon," which is a lot more evil and not slang for a group of people in the Dark Tower series.
  • Dilandau: even more annoying and un-interesting than last time what with the whining about his face.

So Hitomi's visions lead to her rescuing Van a couple of times; Van's older brother is all wingèd and brooding and "come to the Dark Side"; and Allen's King is non-chivalrous and cooperating with the Zaibach Empire because his daughter is dead. Van, Hitomi, and Merle are on the run; so are Allen & crew, separately. Act II, coming up?

I'm willing to keep watching to see what happens. Thanks, yhlee, for the loan; I'll put these in the mail back to you if you'll e-mail me your current mailing address.

Tags: anime, escaflowne

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