Kate (kate_nepveu) wrote,

Week in Review

Pretty quiet week. We finished season 1 of The Wire (still very well done, still not entirely my kind of thing), started watching season 5 of Homicide (still very good), and watched more Fullmetal Alchemist (as previously posted about). I spent some time yesterday and today reading out in the sun; I realized this winter that I miss the ability to do that something awful when the seasons change, and have resolved to take better advantage of the opportunity (properly sunscreened, of course).

Even though it's spring—Easter, even—there has been a sad lack of Cadbury Creme Eggs. A lot of places seem only to be carrying the Caramel kind, and a couple places that were carrying the Creme have run out. You can't keep them for too long (they get thick and nasty inside), but I was hoping to get a few more, darn it. *sulks briefly* Oh well, Target was closed today but probably will have some still tomorrow.

Anyway, I went out for lunch today, which will more than suffice in the food department. I've not been to a restaurant since Boskone, and mostly I've been eating Chad's acid-reflux-prevention diet since then. I'm not nearly as much of a food person as he is (I keep saying we should switch ailments), but this week I found myself day-dreaming about dishes with intense flavor, so headed out while he was cooped up in his windowless basement lab. (Guilty, me? Just a bit.) It was only a chain, the Macaroni Grill, but I knew they'd be open and I really like their Penne Rustica (pasta, shrimp, chicken, prosciutto, baked with cheese sauce). Fortunately they had a bar area where I was not bothered by excited children out for Easter dinner.

More productively, I finished transferring steelypips.org over to the new web host (HostGator), and updated the DNS at my registrar. That should be fully propogated in a couple of days, so I'll stop putting booklog-in-exile posts here. [Edit 10:10: already picked up here, cool.]

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