Kate (kate_nepveu) wrote,

Meme: found LJ poem

Found poem meme, via truepenny.

Instructions, my version:

  1. Go to this web page, replacing YOURLJNAME with, well, your LJ name in the URL: http://www.antispin.net/~martine/cgi-bin/insanity.cgi?fnord=YOURLJNAME
  2. Consider the block of text generated.
  3. If you like it, copy it to a text file and manipulate it until the form pleases you.
  4. If you dislike it, hit reload.
  5. Lather, rinse, repeat, and post.

This was about the third iteration, and I liked the first line and second stanza (as it were). Manipulations: line breaks, a touch of puncutation, one verb.

Next morning and unknowns.
Somehow it could be like . . . items.
I'm quite—
it will require a big deal on, to sleep,
but came back,
from the careful Court
is that has a good

There's a fundamental right to sit in reverse order;
of felony by myself;

but someone has been black,
I've had a marker.

On sleep,
on Thursday
I'm not after The Volokh Conspiracy,
but we have believed this week.

Tags: memes

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