Kate (kate_nepveu) wrote,

Week in Review

Look, I updated the book log with the new Steven Brust novel!

Much house stuff this week; picking out replacement windows, furniture shopping, cleaning the (ugh) basement, etc. Chad's dad helped us put up a working door on the downstairs half-bath, which means we can actually use it now. Of course, it gives me another bathroom to clean, but on balance it's a good thing. Somehow during the shopping today, I managed to go straight from "not hungry" to "shaking and sweating from lack of sustenance," without stopping at "hungry" in-between. I don't recommend it.

Social stuff: had a nice evening with the neighbors yesterday. Chad's summer students will be over Tuesday for dinner, my mom and grandmother will be up this weekend, and Chad's sister is in town with her family, so they'll all be up next Monday. Busy week ahead.

Tags: [time] in review, house

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