Kate (kate_nepveu) wrote,

Three Weeks in Review

Dinner and cleanup and so forth took a very long time, so I'm afraid chapter one of Fellowship will have to wait yet again.

Quickie time-in-review:

Spent two weeks with a cold. It was actually a relief to realize that I very likely caught it from Mom over Mother's Day weekend, because that meant it wasn't a flare-up or relapse of the sinus problems I'd had earlier. Other than that, not much fun: decongestants stopped working one or two colds ago, so I had pretty much a constant sinus headache and went through several boxes of Kleenex. At least the congestion stayed loose and I mostly avoided coughing.

Chad's parents and sister came up for dinner one night, which was great. We also had Chad's upper-level class and advisees over for dinner on Memorial Day, which is entertaining in the kind of way that makes my introvert self hide after a while (fortunately, dusk and the accompanying bugs were a reasonable excuse, not that any of them noticed my not coming back out of the house after a whiel). I'd had the day off and used it to cook: two batches of chocolate chip cookies, one batch of mac & cheese (so that the vegetarian would have something filling to eat). I was hoping for leftovers, since I didn't think baked food would be that popular on a hot day, but it was like locusts descending. College students; I should've known better.

Besides what's been already mentioned here, it's pretty much been work, a fair bit of it as I finished something short-fused. Between that, my cold, the weather, stressful LJ discussions, and, I don't know, the position of Saturn and the spatial arrangement of my office furniture, I've been feeling vaguely cranky. However, I'm cheerful about the LotR re-read project, and have hopes that this will carry over to a generally less-cranky attitude.

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