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Lord of the Rings, LotR (The One Ring)
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Three LotR icons

I spent a while going through John Howe's web site, and have three Lord of the Rings icons behind the cut.

1. elven brooch 2. Gates of Moria 3. Eye of Sauron


For public use if credited to John Howe and linked back to his site as described by his FAQ.

(Not that many, but I was also watching Homicide's sniper episodes; I made a few more, but I'm keeping them for myself. Also, I'm not quite willing to startle people as much as that last one probably would. => )

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Very nice! If I had an LJ account, I'd definitely grab these for use....


Is there a reason you _don't_? I mean, it's free, there's no invite code requirement any more, and you could get responses to your comments e-mailed to you, which I find handy.

Mostly inertia, in combination with some residual mulish resistance to the notion that LJ has de facto replaced Usenet, which I thought was, with all its trollish drawbacks, a superior conversational model.

In other words, no good reason, I guess.

I wish I had time for Usenet, like many things; but it's not readable over lunch, for instance, and I just had to admit that I just wasn't keeping up.

I perfectly well understand mulish resistance, mind, so I'm not urging you to get an LJ. But if you do, let me know.

I actually don't care that I don't really have time for Usenet now; in fact, I moved computers several weeks ago and haven't bothered to install my reader, and I haven't missed it. That's what makes me a little sad--I don't miss today's Usenet ("today's Usenet", of course, being code for the very small number of groups I follow/followed), I miss the Usenet of 6-7 years ago (Cue the chorus: "hell, man, it was *dead* 6-7 years ago, you shoulda seen it *10-15* years ago!!"). Of course, that's when I did have time to follow that volume, and more importantly, that quality of conversation. I looked forward every day to seeing what interesting, funny, and provocative contributions had been made to various threads. Now, not so much.

From what I've seen, LJ does a number of things pretty well. Free-flowing, long-running conversation that Usenet handled with ease just isn't really one of them...which is not to try to denigrate the (often high, I'm sure) quality of some of the conversations it does manage to host.

But this lament is misplaced, so.

Maybe I will get an account, one day Real Soon Now.


Sorry to drop in out of nowhere - I followed a link to your excellent re-reading Lord of the Rings discussions.

What wonderful icons, I shall certainly look forward to using one or more of them.

Welcome! Anyone's welcome to drop in at any time--no apology needed. And thanks--there's lots of other good stuff at Howe's site, too.