Kate (kate_nepveu) wrote,

Week in Review

At work, got out papers opposing a summary judgment motion. Also realized, somewhat belatedly, that yes, early January is a busy time for us, since a bunch of legislation goes into effect January 1, some of which promptly gets challenged. Over the weekend and on New Year's Day, went to the house and scraped and spackled and sanded and took off paint and re-spackled and . . .

Also watched Best in Show, which was strange, amusing, and not as good as Waiting for Guffman, and later in the week watched even more snow come down (joy). On the other hand, we're snowed in at the apartment today for a nice lazy day; slept in, finally got caught up on the book log, and am going to get caught up on laundry and reading, which I'm quite looking forward to. Tomorrow, it's back to spackling . . .

Tags: [time] in review, movies

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