Kate (kate_nepveu) wrote,

Two quick Sarantine Mosaic thoughts (SPOILERS)

Thinking about the Sarantine Mosaic yesterday and today reminded me of a couple of things. More SPOILERS behind the cut.

  1. Can we tell, from The Lions of Al-Rassan or otherwise, how far the divergence of history after the end of Lord of Emperors goes?
  2. Does anyone else dislike Leontes? I mean, other than because he ordered Crispin's mosaic scraped down?

    (For me, it's because he's a shiny self-righteous hypocrite; at least, I presume that his religion doesn't condone having sex with people other than your spouse, regardless of whether you are in a loveless trophy marriage and have an agreement. If not, he's still shiny and self-righteous. He makes my teeth itch.)

Alas, no LotR post tonight; I wrecked my wrist typing on a particularly non-ergonomic keyboard today. Tomorrow, I hope.

Tags: books, sff
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