Kate (kate_nepveu) wrote,

Int'l Blog Against Racism Week: three links

There have been a lot of good posts, and I encourage people to peruse rilina's link roundup (now in the triple digits!). I just wanted to put a few personally relevant links here.

  • rilina on why she is participating, which I agree with.
  • Malcolm Gladwell on pit bulls and profiling versus stereotyping; I'd read it earlier this year but want to put it somewhere I can find it, because it's a really useful point. (Also, I have a soft spot for pit bulls, as we came thisclose to adopting one from a rescue group—we held off because he was afraid of cats (no, seriously) and we thought we might get one, but he was so sweet that after a couple of clinics, we were going to take him at the next one if he was still there. (Don't tell the best Emmy ever.))
  • And on a lighter note, today Chad was surprised to meet the people from our cleaning service.
Tags: international blog against racism week, links, race

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