Kate (kate_nepveu) wrote,

Booklog revamp

Successfully (I think) upgraded the booklog to MT 3.3 and added tags for authors. Go play with it and see if I broke anything anywhere?

(And if anyone with something other than Windows Firefox, IE, or Opera can tell me how the "categories" and "all posts" line up with the rest, that would be great. The idea is that it's indented the same amount as the first line in each paragraph, but as long as they aren't sticking out anywhere, I'll take it.)

*falls into bed*

Edit morning: your opinions, please:

Right now, the new setup has two bullet points at the end of the entry:

  • categories:
  • all posts about [author name]

The [author name] is linked to a search for all posts tagged by that author—if there is more than one other post about that author; otherwise the second bullet doesn't appear.

I can also list how many posts the search will pull up, either "one other post / X other posts," or all total posts if that was less confusing. An earlier version had this, and then I took it off because it seems like clutter; but what do you all think? Would you like to know how many posts you're going to be finding when you click on the author name?

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