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Martian Successor Nadesico, episodes 9-14

Disc three and halfway through disc four. Since episode 14 is a recap episode [*] to start the second half of the series, might as well write them up now rather than waiting to watch the rest of disc four.

[*] I didn't realize these were a tradition; the only other one I've encountered was in Samurai Champloo. Is there ever anything new (not counting amusingly inverted meta) in one of these recap episodes, or when I find myself watching one, I can just skip it?

Spoil me and die; see the userinfo if you can't figure out what that means.

Spoilers for episodes 9-14:

You know, even when the show is deliberately and purposefully undercutting the horrible romantic stuff—I can still barely stand to watch it. Therefore, the first two of these episodes were really not to my taste (the one where the VR system is introduced, with the stereotyped Japanese high school costumes, and the one where the crazy girl wants to experience death).

This show does have great episode titles, though. "Finding Yourself in a Routine Plot" (the tanks episode)! I love it. And that one, and the next, had basically zero stupid romantic content—plus lots of Ruri in the last. Yay.

Back to the stupid romantic content in episode 13, where Akito is temporarily kicked off the ship. However, the annoying purple-haired "girlfriend" probably had a point when she said that protecting people can be on a smaller scale as well.

And—cliffhanger! The end of the filler ep promised that we'd meet the Jovians next time; I was wondering when that would come about. Anime paraphernalia in the captured Jovian mecha, Akito can teleport like a Jovian . . .

Oooooh. I bet the Jovians are human.

That, or Akito is the product of secret experiments to give him Jovian traits. But that's not as undercutting.


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