March 2nd, 2003

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Week in Review

Well, most of this week was taken up with trial, which I've already described at some length. I had a nice long debrief with my co-counsel the day after, which contained compliments and constructive criticism in appropriate measure—very satisfying and a good cap on the whole learning experience. And hey, I even managed to get a good chunk of work done on Friday, as I came down from the peculiar adrenaline/exhaustion combination that is apparently how I react to trial.

This was also a productive weekend. I caught up on some house stuff: worked on refinishing the built-in bookshelves, cleaned the bathroom, did some laundry, that kind of thing. We bought lamps for the bedroom and a new dishwasher (the old one being very nearly useless). I did our taxes and was happy to discover that both New York and the United States owe us money. Annoyingly, I owe Massachusetts $1. Yes, one dollar. As a part-year Massachusetts resident, I have to file; but I didn't work while I was a Massachusetts resident, so my only Massachusetts income is savings account interest. Which results in one dollar of tax. It's a shame I have to file, since it will almost certainly cost the state more to process the application than it's going to get in revenue.

In entertainment news, we saw Chicago Friday night, which I'd been wanting to do for a while. I enjoyed it quite a bit. Collapse )

The only bad spot in the weekend was my enormous headache that rather put a damper on our celebratory Saturday night dinner. (The house, an anniversary, becoming an attorney, the trial—it's been a while since we had time to go to dinner, so we had a lot to celebrate.) I would like to take this opportunity to say that Excedrin Migraine is beautiful stuff, even for headaches that aren't classic migraines.

Finally, wireless networking is pretty darn cool. I'm in the living room now, to be sociable as Chad watches the Maryland game—though, frankly, since it is the Maryland game, I doubt he'd notice if six elephants were blogging in the house.