June 3rd, 2003

wood cat


So I just came back from voting on the school budget like a virtuous resident (this, by the by, was the first time I got to use a voting machine with levers and things—I was very excited), and while I was there, I browsed through the PTA booksale because, well, do I need to explain why?

What should I find but Rex Stout's Too Many Clients, one of only two Nero Wolfe books still missing from our collection? (The other is Gambit.) Not only that, but there were three others just begging for a good home. I dived upon them just ahead of someone else, I think, salving my conscience by giving the PTA considerably more money than it asked for (okay, $10 instead of $2, not breaking the bank or anything, but still).

(All gone!) Free to good homes, to the first requester(s) in comments:

  • Trio for Blunt Instruments, containing "Kill Now—Pay Later," "Murder Is Corny" (as seen on TV), and "Blood Will Tell."
  • Triple Jeopardy, containing "Home to Roost," "The Cop-Killer" (also as seen on TV), and "The Squirt and the Monkey."
  • Three at Wolfe's Door, containing "Poison à la Carte" (again seen on TV), "Method Three for Murder," and "The Rodeo Murder."

On balance, I'd say the best of the three is Three at Wolfe's Door, but it's been a while since I read any of them.