February 16th, 2004

wood cat

Partial Week in Review

Work was still busy, and full of stuff that I couldn't talk about even if I wanted to, but things are beginning to be resolved, which is good. And I am very chipper about going back to work tomorrow, because my stuff should all be in my shiny new office, and as much as I hate packing, I love unpacking and figuring out where everything should go.

Also, this week it was starting to be light out when I was leaving work, which is incredibly welcome. That, plus the office move, plus looking forward to Boskone, put me in a surprisingly good mood toward the end of the week, considering that I was still behind on sleep.

Unfortunately, I'm not done with the Boskone report yet, so there's not much else to say, and I do need to go to bed. We stopped in at my parents' on the way home, but couldn't stay long because Chad had class things to do. The dog survived being boarded, and was happy to be petted today as I laid on the couch and read a long-awaited book. Actual content in the form of a Boskone report tomorrow night, I promise.