March 22nd, 2004

wood cat

Week in Review

Last week was the kind of week where I repeatedly labored under the delusion that it was actually this week (and left at least one completely incomprehensible phone message as a result), and where I had this conversation with Chad:

Chad wakes me up by saying, "It's twenty of eight, didn't you set your alarm?"
Me: "It's Saturday." (meaning, leave me alone so I can sleep in. I am not articulate upon being woken.)
Chad: "No, yesterday was Thursday, which means today is Friday."
Me: "Oh. Damn."

Anyway. Lots of basketball [*], punctuated by a nice trans-Atlantic phone call and a trip to see Richard Thompson in concert. Chad's said most of what I was planning to; there's also a Times Union review (though there weren't four encores but four encore songs: "Dimming of the Day, "I Feel So Good," "The End of the Rainbow," and "Beeswing," which last is gorgeous) and an old Washington Post article about his adaptations for solo touring that captured the flavor of yesterday's show. I quite enjoyed the concert, though I had a hard time with Thompson's accent (and why is it that he sings with an accent? I'm used to not being able to tell what side of the pond a singer is from.); for instance, I thought the song "Cooksferry Queen" was about a fairy queen. I was amused by his accent on "1952 Vincent Black Lightning," though; my other comment about it was that only a Scot could make the "r" of "ride" last as long as the rest of the line . . . .

However, there will be no more Richard Thompson before bed for me, as I had dreams brimming over with death and betrayal last night.

[*] Basketball: the most interesting game, to me, was the second-round Syracuse vs. Maryland. I was rooting for Maryland, because I admire their guts and scrap, and after a very ugly first half it looked like they were going to pull off another improbable come-from-behind win, but alas. At least they made a game of it. And I was quite impressed with the baffling Syracuse 2-3 zone.

And work is piling up again, so I must attend to that lest I have work anxiety nightmares tonight.

[ Edit: I forgot to say that I'm cross about having to work tonight, as I read A Scholar of Magics this weekend and it's a joy, pure delight, but I wanted to look more closely at the magic (which kind of got lost in my rush to find out What Happens Next), and now I don't have time. Wah. ]