August 1st, 2004

wood cat

Week in Review

On Tuesday morning, we had:

A Household Drama In Three Lines

Scene: Tuesday morning. A steady, heavy rain can be heard on the windows and roof. As Chad lies in bed, from across the hall comes the rattle of shower curtain rings being pulled aside. After a pause, Kate enters the bedroom:

KATE (breathlessly)
Okay I'll take the dog for a walk.


How big is the spider?

Kate holds up thumb and forefinger about three or four inches apart, while saying

It's one of those fuzzy things. In the bathtub.

Chad exits the bedroom; as ominous banging noises issue from across the hall, we fade out.

(It was reddish-brown, flat, many many fuzzy legs, and looked something like a cross between a caterpillar and a centipede. We get a fair number of them, and I hates them, precious, hates.)

It rained basically all week, though after Tuesday mostly not in the morning, which is fortunate because the dog hates the rain. She was sick a lot this week, throwing up on the carpet twice; she's due for her shots soon and we'll ask the vet what more we can do besides special food and daily OTC acid-reducers (well, in addition to making sure she actually eats the pills and doesn't leave them behind). Poor doggie.

Got my iPod this week and spent too much time wrestling with it. I will spare you the tedious details, but it turned out to be a problem with confusing third-party software and defective hardware on my end, rather than an Apple problem. It's working beautifully now and I'm delirious with geeky joy.

I had a nice day yesterday: went back to bed after getting up with the dog because Chad was sound asleep (thereby combining self-indulgence and virtue, a rare combination), poked around with my iPod, read a good Heyer (Venetia, out of the library), did some housework, and ate a very lovely dinner Chad cooked for me, including crème brûlée (I even helped with the torching). Today Chad's folks came up for lunch, which is always nice, though I foolishly ate a little too much and am a little sluggish as a result.

Emmy has just finished getting her dinner out of the food cube, so we're going to take her for an after-dinner walk in a few minutes (before it starts raining again) and maybe then watch one of my presents, The Italian Job. A pretty good weekend, all in all.