September 12th, 2004

wood cat

Week in Review

We got back from Worldcon late Monday night, after stopping to have dinner with my mom. Picked up the dog Tuesday; she and I spent a sleepy day out in the backyard, her keeping vigil against those sneaky squirrels, me attempting to do work, write up Worldcon, and stay awake.

That's really my week in a nutshell: attempting to do work, write up Worldcon, and stay awake. Not so much success with any of them, really, either.

Yesterday, we did take the dog to our local park, to give her some better associations with the car, and also to tire her out, as she'd been really hyper since coming back from the boarder's. I think we may have walked her too much, as today she's really been favoring her bad paw, and has been sacked out on the floor for the last half-hour, which is early for her to be this hard asleep. There isn't anything obviously wrong with the paw, so we took a short walk tonight and will keep an eye on it. (She was certainly well enough today to keep the yard free of the very active neighborhood squirrels; if she ever doesn't chase a squirrel, I think we will go straight to the vet.)

Oh, and while outside yesterday, something (probably a mosquito, judging by the initial reaction) bit me just above the point of my right elbow. My elbow now itches fiercely every time I move my arm (of course, I am right-handed), and is twice its usual size, bright red, and noticeably warmer to the touch than the surrounding skin. I hate insects.

Link of the week: my mom spent two weeks this summer working in Romania with orphans for Children on the Edge. She's put up her speech about the experience, and a downloadable presentation, on the web (note: you might not be able to access this link behind a proxy). Hearing about the conditions and the stories from Mom was very depressing, but when I first went through her pictures, I was really struck by the children's smiles.

My mom is a pretty amazing person.