December 5th, 2004

wood cat

Week in Review

Not such a good week. Too much time working (including one e-filing at 11:30 p.m., which I never want to do again), caused in part by computer issues (whee, involuntary upgrade to XP on a machine with 256MB of memory!), and getting sick at the end of the week, meaning staying home Friday and basically no work done then or this weekend (very bad).

I did manage to do my own research on digital cameras, confirming the recommendation of montoya that the Canon PowerShot A95 was best for us. Best Buy and Amazon had it online for $310 or $315, so that's what I had in mind when we decided yesterday to go buy it.

Well, we went to several different places closer than Best Buy, all of which were selling it for $350 (or didn't have it in stock), and because I'm cheap, we headed for Best Buy. Except, Best Buy doesn't have the same prices online as in its physical stores! You guessed it, $350. Well, I was exhausted and strung out and furious, the last enough so that I agreed to Chad's suggestion to not give them any of our money. Of course, the next place we went didn't have it in stock, but did have cheap memory, and eventually we bought our camera.

After we got back, we put up the tree we'd also bought that afternoon, while playing with the camera (some of these aren't that great, but we're still practicing):

And, of course, we took some pictures of the otherwise-neglected dog:

Today, I did more shopping—I think I'm basically done except for cards and some gift certificates, which is not bad—then fended off the nudgy dog, who was upset that Chad had left her for the day to go help his folks with some heavy lifting. Right now there's a truly cheesy movie on TNT, The Librarian and the Quest for Plot Tokens (or something), which has been so cheesy as I crop images and type this up that I'm actually going to have to stay up for the last twenty minutes to see what depths it descends to at the end. Really, it's amazing.