December 22nd, 2004

wood cat

"I wrote a valley winter song to play for you"

"Valley Winter Song," by Fountains of Wayne, came up on my iPod today in the car. I'd fallen completely in love with this song in an inappropriate season, but was happy to be reminded of it today. Things are still frantic around here, but as I wait for someone to call me back, I thought y'all might like a sweet acoustic song about getting through the cold winter.

Collapse )

It appears that you can find live MP3s of this song at's downloads section, under 20040121_Amsterdam (direct link if that works) or 20040306_Paris (direct link). (I can't download those files at work, so I can't be sure.) VH1 also has a live video of the song, on their videos page for the band (I don't have the right plug-in to see it).

Do report back if these links work and if you like the song!