January 9th, 2005

wood cat

Half-Week in Review

I think work this week was adequately summed up, in a metaphorical sense, by my dream of cutting up lizardly things. So I will skip straight to the weekend:

Saturday we had snow and errands, and I came home proclaiming myself a mighty hunter: dry-cleaning dealt with, library item (audiobook of Master and Commander) picked up, kitchen shears purchased, gift clothing exchanged, and excellent clothing purchased deeply on sale (classic black wool skirt and trousers; three thin, elegant merino wool sweaters; and a floofy off-white sweater)—all safely and without incident in the snow. Then we took down the Christmas tree and put all the holiday stuff away, also satisfying; and then I made the mistake of checking my work e-mail. After that, I had to repeat "I am a mighty hunter" to myself a few times to cheer up.

We broke out the new fondue set for dinner—does anyone know what do to with the unburned "gelled fuel" that comes with a Trudeau set? We didn't want to let it burn off, but I don't like the idea of just throwing it away either, and it's not clear whether you can re-use it. Unfortunately, last night I had a rotten headache and unhappy stomach (again) and slept poorly (again), so today has been considerably less productive than I would like.

For the record:

  • I will not be booklogging The Witches of Karres by James Schmitz, because I had completely forgotten that I had even read it until spotting it on the pile today, and now my only recollection is that it had a lot of exclamation marks.
  • I have purchased my first eBay item and am gleeful: ARC of Bujold's next novel, The Hallowed Hunt (do not make puppy-dog eyes at me about this, yet).
  • Chad has been posting a lot of dog pictures (all links to blog posts): Steelypips Family Dog Comparison, with a NIST Standard Reference Kate; Emmy playing in the snow; and Emmy displaying a toy.