January 8th, 2006

wood cat

Week in Review

This week's discovery: when a car has both an instrument/gauge display and an LCD screen, its "take the car to the dealer immediately" warning lights are particularly startling. (The car is driveable, just needs a part replaced.)

Actually, now that I think about it, there was another discovery this week: though I was hired three years and five people ago, I am still the youngest one in my bureau. I was sure that the newest person, who also came to the bureau straight out of law school, was younger, but was proven wrong at a birthday lunch this week. I'm not entirely sure why this befuddled me as much as it did; I think it was just fatigue.

I will be moving to my new job in two weeks—where I will probably still be the youngest, but at least I won't be surprised about it. Chad and I went to the new office's holiday party last night, and it was pleasant to meet co-workers in a social setting first. For instance, it would probably have been more difficult to discover several sf readers in an office setting, but when there are book shelves right there to be discussed . . . Being me, I am already plotting recommendations and further discussions [*]. (Hey, scalzi, we met someone who'd given your books to their child.)

[*] Note to self: come up with a bullet-point explanation for why you hate the ending of the Dark Tower series and memorize it, because otherwise it still reduces you to incoherent spluttering, which is not particularly helpful.

As nice as all the recent socializing has been, however, I have scheduled a socialization-free night for next Saturday, because the Patriots are in the second round of the playoffs and I am determined to see it. Missed last night's game, missed Doug Flutie drop-kicking an extra point last week because the game wasn't on TV here (the Pats have now had a kicker throw for a touchdown and a quarterback kick for a point in the last two years, which is just cool), and don't want to miss any more.

Now that I have a Palm, I am seriously contemplating creating a database of all our books for shopping purposes (Chad bought a duplicate Hiaasen at the used bookstore this weekend). I was thinking just a simple flat database (using Pilot DB and DB-Editor) with fields for author, title, "owned" (a boolean), and notes (series #, priority, etc.), but if anyone has feedback from experience, it would be welcome.