March 5th, 2006

FMA (brothers winter), Fullmetal Alchemist

Fullmetal Alchemist, episodes 41-43 (dubs)

If you haven't seen episodes 41-43 of Fullmetal Alchemist, you really truly do not want to read this post. Even more than usual.

Reminder on spoiler policy: if it's information from an episode after 43, no matter how insignificant, I don't want to hear it. Comments containing spoilers will be screened and reposted under ROT13; people who post spoilers will be killed with my brain.

That said, I would like people's advice on the best episode groupings for the rest of the series. Example: stopping on 26 is a bad idea, one should stop on 25; 43 was a reasonably good place to stop, while episode 41 would have been awful. If people could recommend which episodes to watch together, either for all of 44-51 or just for a subset, with no explanations, that would be great. Nb.: we usually watch 2-4 episodes at a time.

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wood cat

Week in Review

This last week wasn't so bad. I bought a really cheap modified CueCat to scan our book collection into LibraryThing (yay, eBay); got a parking space in a state lot, which will save me a hundred bucks a month; found external hard drives really cheap and bought two, one for each of our computers; got the dog groomed; and watched some anime and read some books.

This coming week is going to suck hard vacuum through a straw, however. Chad's got serious dietary restrictions and is scheduled to have a camera stuck down his throat this Saturday, and very suddenly (like within the last five hours) my throat has started hurting quite a lot and I feel feverish. I just had a cold, damnit! But at least I can eat, even if I won't want to.

(Also, yay, Wallace and Gromit. And the ties! They're so cute.)