April 9th, 2006


Week in Review

Wednesday: file brief with the Supreme Court that I researched, helped draft, and helped recruit signatories for.

Thursday: file brief with the Second Circuit that I wrote and then re-wrote at the last minute (see Wednesday).

Friday, Saturday, and Sunday: collapse and recover. Have sinus headache. Do laundry, watch anime, curse at web host.

So I've had it with my web host (Affordablehost.com) and I'm getting a new one. I understand that sometimes servers go down, even repeatedly—but when I submit a support ticket saying, "24 hours ago, you put up a bulletin saying, 'this problem should be fixed with 15-20 minutes.' It's still not fixed for me, and the bulletin hasn't been updated. What's the status?" Then I do not want to get a response saying "check the bulletin," especially when that bulletin still hasn't been updated from yesterday's 20-minute estimate!

After looking at several review sites, I've narrowed it down to BlueHost, Lunarpages, and HostGator. All offer the features I want and far more bandwidth, storage, etc., than I'll ever need; all appear to have very good reputations for service. HostGator is more expensive, but otherwise I don't seem much to choose between them. Anyone have any experiences with these three that they'd like to share?

(Tomorrow I will test their support by contacting them with a question about transferring over, but that's for tomorrow.)