May 17th, 2006

wood cat

LJ matters

Two unrelated items:

1) I have reduced my reading list fairly ruthlessly (or at least it felt so at the time), because the volume of posts was contributing to my skimming people's entries rather than reading, thinking about, or commenting on them.

2) I would like my LJ to be in S2, and will pay someone to convert it, because S2 is scary. Unless the someone has a permanent account, I think I'd prefer to pay in LJ gift certificates; I'm willing to talk about amount, because I don't know how much time or effort what I want is.

Here are the two options I am considering:

A) Taking the existing layout and adding "tags: " as a paragraph above the current mood & music, and adding a permalink (" | link") after "add a comment." Yes, that's all, really.

B) Taking the existing layout and adding a sidebar, something like the booklog. I don't know what-all is possible in the sidebar; a drop-down menu by month would be spiff, though not that necessary; a list of tags and/or memory categories would be handy; a list of recent comments—especially on posts on my reading list—would be golden (but I suspect not possible). At any rate, what could go in the sidebar would determine whether I wanted one at all.

(In either case, I would want old-style (XColibur) comment pages, unless someone designed really cool pages in my own colors and fonts that still sharply differentiated between comments in the way that XColibur does.)

So, S2 mavens. What kinds of cool things could I do with a sidebar? (Or comment pages?) And would anyone be interested in working on it?

(And a non-LJ matter: Litigants? Please don't tape over staples. Especially don't staple your pages, tape over the staples, and then glue the edges of the pages. If all you have to bind your brief is staples, just staple and be done with it. I promise I'll understand.)