June 1st, 2006

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sports interviews

You know, the ObInterview with the losers is bad enough when it's adult professional athletes. But when you're interviewing a kid who's just washed out of the spelling bee, who's obviously been crying, and asking how it feels to know that a lot of people were rooting for him? Come on, that would be cruel & unusual punishment if the government were doing it. And the information content of these is predictably zero.

[ETA: on a happier spelling bee note: live-blogging!]

(Perhaps if I post anything to LJ, I will be able to resist the urge to post "why I haven't been commenting on the cultural appropriation debates," because really, how much more self-centered could I be?)

[ETA: resistance is futile.]

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A non-discussion of cultural appropriation (a.k.a. worst. idea. ever.)

There is much discussion going on at the moment about cultural appropriation in literature, springing off from a Wiscon panel (edit to replace with single roundup by rilina). I feel like I ought to have something to say, because (1) my biological ancestors, probably to a long way back, were from Korea or adjacent regions; (2) I like discussing literature, and (3) I'd like to think of myself as thoughtful and reasonable about culture and race. And yet, I've been watching the debates without commenting.

This is one of the more self-centered posts I have ever written: I rather doubt anyone noticed that I haven't been commenting before I said something about it, let alone has wondered about it. But I can't seem to shake wondering why I'm not, and so I'm trying to figure that out. Honestly my stomach rather knots up at the idea of entering this discussion, but my backbrain seems to want to. So, with trepidation, I jump in behind the cut.

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