June 18th, 2006

wood cat

Week in Review // Charity Drive

This is not the Lord of the Rings post you're looking for. Wednesday night and Thursday I was feeling unwell and plowing through half-a-dozen Sector General books as a result; Friday I was reading an advance copy of Dzur; yesterday I was shopping, writing those booklog posts, having dinner out, and watching anime; and today I was visiting Chad's family.

(It won't be tomorrow, either; we're going to see Bruce Springsteen. Any anti-rain rituals you'd care to direct at Saratoga would be welcome: lawn tickets.)

Fashion follow-up: I removed the sash from that dress and bought a necklace, a single pearl on a gold chain (thanks, Mom). I will see about pictures at the wedding.

Movie follow-up: those participating in the discussion about the X-Men movie might be interested in truepenny's post "Bad Fathers in X-Men: The Last Stand".

* * * *

In other news, Chad is participating in a charity fundraiser to fund equipment for science classrooms. He's posting dog pictures in his reminders; since he's already grabbed that idea, all I can offer is the very LJ reward of icons. Specifically, I'll:

  • Make an icon. You can get an idea of fandoms and style by looking at my userpics and my public-use icons, but ask if you have something else in mind; I can screencap or find sources for a lot more than what's there.

    [ETA: I should note that I don't know how to make animated icons, though I could try and learn for this if you have your heart set on one.]

  • Modify one of my existing icons; or
  • Give exclusive rights to one of the existing icons (obviously I can't stop anyone who's already snagged it from using it, but I'll take it out of the public-use gallery).

Anyone who donates through Chad's post and would like an icon should forward the DonorChoose acknowledgment e-mail to kate_nepveu at livejournal.com with details about the request.