July 30th, 2006

wood cat

Week in Review

(No, I didn't do a week in review last week, for the very good reason that there was nothing to say.)

Friday my Aunt Joan died. As Mom said, when she heard the message that there was bad news, she figured that Aunt Joan had been on her motorcycle and been in an accident; but no, Uncle Paul (my paternal grandmother's brother) just came home from an errand and found her dead on the bed. She was tough and fierce and funny, outgoing and practical (presents wrapped in Sunday comics for the adults, deposits in passbook savings accounts for the kids), and it's a considerable shock to hear that she's gone.

I was gearing myself up for a drive to New Hampshire this week, but apparently she didn't want any services. Personally, I have some sympathy for that, since I loathe quite a lot of the elaborate customs that seem to accompany funerals, but I don't go that far: I'd like to think that people would find it most fitting to head to a favorite restaurant and reminisce. I would have liked the opportunity to hear some of the best stories about Aunt Joan.

Today we were in church for the life that we're in midst of; a first-cousin-once-removed (Kiera, apparently destined to be a future master thief in the Jhereg) was being baptized. The process was aptly described as "bedlam"; six babies, lots of family, and after the first couple babies, people just didn't keep quiet or stay put any more. Apparently the priest who'd baptized the prior two children in the family did a better job of keeping a lid on things, so it wasn't intrinsic to the process. It was hard to tell, but I don't think I heard any howls; apparently I screamed like I was being murdered, which may or may not have been a sign of things to come.

And in-between, we tried a fancy restaurant in the area, the Stockade Inn. Nice place, though at one point the speakers were giving forth some instrumental piece that should have been a soundtrack to Bugs Bunny running around, which was a little odd. And I booklogged up a storm and completely failed to even look at the work I brought home. Oh well—yesterday I needed the break, and I didn't know that today my sinuses would make me pretty much incapable of coping. I'll just have to be extra-efficient this week.