September 4th, 2006

happiness is a full bookcase

Week in Review

I came to the sudden resolve this weekend to finish cataloging our books, already. Have I mentioned how much I love my $14 bar code scanner from eBay? I catalogued 1427 books this weekend, which I'm ballparking at 200 books/hour.

LibraryThing now contains every distinct book in our house, except two books completely in Japanese that Chad was given as a gift and the cookbooks, because I don't really care about them: 2,087. (That's not the full total owned, as we each have a handful of books in our respective offices, and there are some duplicates that need good homes that I will enter later, now that I don't have to fear getting them mixed up.) I've exported the data to my Palm and resolved that no book entering our house may get past my computer without being catalogued.

I'm pretty sure I got all my read books tagged, though obviously sorting out the unread books will take a lot longer. It's vaguely depressing that I've read less than half our books, even with a substantial number of books that I either have no intention of reading or am vastly unlikely to read. Gotta get moving on that!

Notes to self: (1) When suffering from heartburn, do not sit on the floor for a couple of hours and bend over your work. It does really bad things to your stomach that last quite a while. (2) You still have an oral allergy to raw apples, and even though brie and apple paninis are delicious, they aren't worth the itching, the paranoia, and the stomach problems.

I'm really behind on writing LJ and booklog posts, as I spent most evenings this week proofreading stuff for Chad's tenure box. If I can sleep tonight, I'll start tackling the backlog tomorrow.