September 24th, 2006

wood cat

Week in Review

No recurrence of last week's illness.

Apparently, what I need to do when I'm stuck on a brief is eat an enormous crepe filled with three cheeses and topped with brown sugar apples and pralined pecans, and then go sit on a hard library chair and write longhand for several hours. Wow, I was productive yesterday.

Meanwhile, the Patriots have looked appallingly flat all game but seem to be starting something early in the fourth quarter, down 17-0. Maybe. And aren't I going to get stuck watching to the bitter end, too. (Broncos; at least last year's Fumble Fairy hasn't reappeared. Yet.)

Maybe I can get a quick writeup of the first disc of Trigun in while I'm waiting.

Trigun (evil grin)

Trigun, episodes 1-4

This was recommended by several people. It's early yet but it seems very promising.

Trigun is a science fiction Western, set on a desert planet with bounty hunters, sheriffs, and so forth. Vash the Stampede has a $$60,000,000,000.00 [*] bounty on his head and leaves a trail of destruction in his wake (nicknamed "the Humanoid Typhoon," and I have to think "Human Typhoon" sounds better); however, he's so goofy that people tend not to believe it's actually him, and through four episodes, he's not killed anyone, and indeed gone out of his way to avoid it.

[*] Certain units are given different names, like "double dollars" for currency and "iles" for distance.

Among those seeking Vash are two women who work for an insurance company, the shorter no-nonsense Meryl and the large, soft-voiced, sweet Milly. I like them both so far. Also, there's a cat that appears in each episode (so far), which amuses me: see icon.

I was warned that these first episodes were rather slapsticky, and I suppose in an absolute sense they are, but really, Martian Successor Nadesico has raised my threshold for "slapstick" considerably.

Further comments are spoilers, behind the cut. Spoil me and die.

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(Patriots scored, but they're about to punt on 4th and 10 with five minutes left. Grr.)