November 5th, 2006

Trigun (evil grin)

Trigun, episodes 11-13

Episodes 11-13 of Trigun (are we already/only halfway through?). Spoil me and die (well, spoil me further and die, since I've been spoiled inadvertently for episode 23, boo hiss).

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Finally, I continue to be annoyed that the crossed-guns image from the opening credits doesn't work at 100x100. Nothing else that's not a spoiler has jumped out at me as wanting to be an icon for the show.

flat-out exhausted

Not the Week in Review: The Subdudes

I was going to write about this week—the miserable travel to NYC for an argument that turned out to have been cancelled, the mouse that I couldn't keep the dog from killing, the anxiety dreams, my hips and stomach and head—but really, it was a sucky week and why would you want to hear about it?

Instead, in honor of the Subdudes who we saw in concert last night, have some music: "All the Time in the World", 6.3 MB MP3, which I'll leave up for about a week (yes, I've posted it before, but it's that good). If you like it, buy something of theirs: this song is off Primitive Streak, and their most recent album is Behind the Levee—pre-Katrina, as they said several times last night, but with some unintended resonances all the same. The program said that their music is "a treasure trove of blues, folk, R&B, country, Cajun, funk, gospel, and rock'n'roll," which is elaborate but not wrong; and they put on a really good show, including some acoustic numbers done in the middle of the audience.

And now, I have a brief to write that I've been avoiding all day and a football game to watch after (though, as things are not going well in the first quarter, perhaps I'll be better off going to bed early).