November 26th, 2006

wood cat

Three Weeks in Review

Thursday three weeks ago, I filed a brief that literally had me up past 11 p.m. every night for a couple of weeks. Since something else had been delayed, I took Friday off to sleep.

It's a good thing I don't believe in karma, because I got a call at home asking me if I could take on a short-fuse project. And I didn't get to really sleep, either, because the Queen of Niskayuna was a horrible nudge in the way that only neglected-feeling dogs can be.

I forced a viewing of The Prestige into our schedule that weekend, anyway, as already reported. We also bought a new dining room set (not ready for Thanksgiving, but nothing suitable was) and looked at a bunch of cars.

Last weekend we went to Chad's parents for a surprise 70th birthday party for one of his uncles. The party was in fact a surprise, his uncle was very touched, and it was good to catch up with various family members and meet one of his sister's law school friends, even though there was very little acid-reflux-friendly food.

This week we hosted Thanksgiving for the first time. It went very well, even with some last-minute "Shit! The crescent rolls are burning!" and "Whoops, forgot about the squash and cranberry sauce." Menu with comments and recipes behind the cut for my own reference.

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Post-Thanksgiving, we've done a lot of lying around, a lot of laundry, and a lot of writing for the Internet. I've been reducing my backlog of LiveJournal (yesterday, today) and booklog posts. I'd like to get a little more done tonight, but things are still very busy at work, and I should work on a thing that I've been resolutely ignoring all weekend instead. Well, it was a good long break from law, at least.