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Week in Review

Not a good week. Tuesday morning I became suddenly and thoroughly ill. Two ERs, one general practitioner, one allergic reaction to X-ray contrast dye, and two really impressive bruises from failed IVs later, I had not so much a diagnosis as a description: inflammation of the digestive system—maybe because of an infection, maybe because my body just doesn't like me. Maybe it was a one-time thing, maybe it will come back. Who knows? Not, apparently, the medical profession.

It only lasted for 24 hours and I'm feeling fine now; I don't know whether I'm still going to have to have more tests (because if inflammation was causing the symptoms, and I'm not having symptoms, is there any inflammation to be found?), but I'll find out next week when I talk to the GI specialists.

Did you know, by the way, that belladonna is prescribed for stomach cramps? I half think that seeing the name of a poison on the label scared my body into behaving.

Anyway, I was still exhausted for the rest of the week, as well as behind on work, so I skipped farthingparty, alas. This did mean that I went to the inaugural gala last night for Union College's new president: fancy food and very good fireworks, though I have to say that it would never have occured to me to use Bob Dylan's "Like a Rolling Stone" as background music for a fireworks display. (And while The Who's "Baba O'Riley" was probably part of the company's standard package, all that "teenage wasteland" stuff was a bit unfortunate for a college event.)

Today, some work and lots of football. The Giants scored 17 points in the fourth quarter to send the game to overtime and then beat the Eagles on an improbable-looking Eli Manning 31-yard TD pass. The Patriots let the Jets score 17 unanswered points at the end of the game and had a field goal blocked with about a minute to go, but the Jets had no timeouts and Chad Pennington's Hail Mary attempt was intercepted by Tedy Bruschi, letting the Pats escape 24-17. The Giants looked awful early, the Patriots looked dubious late, but we'll take the wins regardless.

Reminder: take the Blogger SAT challenge before 11:59 ET on September 20 and see how you'd fare on the new SAT essay format. I just took it, and I'm going to concur with everyone who said it was harder than they expected—I am not at all sure I made the time limit, and what I did write was pretty lame. Go on, see if you can do better than someone who writes for a living!

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