February 16th, 2007

wood cat

Open Letter to Daniel Keys Moran

Dear Daniel Keys Moran,

I understand that you have a completed Continuing Time novel, Players: The A.I. War, in which Trent the Uncatchable is a major character. I further understand that you've had the rights to this novel back for some time.

As someone who very nearly cries at the idea of a completed Trent novel languishing on your hard drive, may I introduce you to Lulu or Cafe Press? Both will print books from uploaded files, as they are ordered, for the price of their cost plus whatever profit you like (meaning no money up front for the author, though I understand some services are extra); both have you retain your copyright; and both are very easy. I've seen Lulu books myself and the quality is quite good.

What's more, though I am not a publishing professional, if you send me the file for Players: The A.I. War, I will undertake to turn it into a nice-looking file suitable for upload to either of these services—justified, hyphenated, numbered, and so forth. All the work done for you! (Okay, except for a cover; that's beyond my skills.)

Very truly yours,

A fan