August 11th, 2007

International Blog Against Racism Week

The Bourne Ultimatum

Important things to know about The Bourne Ultimatum:

  • If the second movie made you motion-sick, this one will too. Though less so, for me.
  • There is an elderly white man with a full face and glasses in this movie. Though he strongly resembles Brian Cox, who was in the first two movies, they are not the same person.
  • The characters of Pamela Landy and Noah Vosen (new to this movie) both have henchmen with pale skin and very short dark hair. Though the henchmen strongly resemble each other, they are not the same person.

    (Seriously, both Chad and I thought they were and it was going to be a plot point. Did no-one involved in the movie notice this? Movie-makers, if you wanted to make a point by having all of the office-types in the CIA white (and maybe you did), at least give them different hair colors or something.)

    (Speaking of which, I'm aware that many comments have come in on the defaults post while I was running errands, working on other things, and having dinner and a movie. No-one wants me to answer them while I'm motion-sick, however, I assure you.)

  • The movie picks up immediately after the close of the main action of Supremacy and incorporates the coda within its body.
  • Yes, there are lots of exciting action scenes, and Bourne is still just that cool.

The rest is spoilery and behind the cut.

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