August 31st, 2007

wood cat

Nippon 2007: day 1 and cranky

Worldcon started yesterday, and it was the day of cranky.

Part of this had nothing to do with Worldcon--our ridiculous hotel only gives out a single room key, and so Chad and I engaged in some farcical running-around. (Today we shall see if he can rent a cell phone on-site.) And my keyboard continues to flake out for no apparent reason and come back ditto, which is driving me CRAZY. The odds of my being able to replace it here are not so good, either.

So, I did manage to take notes on one panel, "Sexual Japan: SF/SM", but for stupid technical reasons it may be a while before I can post it. (The wireless Internet in the con space was having trouble yesterday too.) I only took paper notes on another panel, "Re-discovering Japan: The Unknown SF Anime/Manga Masterpieces," but that was okay because for some reason--perhaps the description in the program was incomplete? this is a known problem--fully the first 2/3 of the panel were about the state of anime & manga fandom in other countries, rather than recommendations.

Also the con space is huge and not gathering-friendly that I've seen yet and, most importantly, deliberately air-conditioned at 79 degrees F. (This is not the con's fault.)

The final thing is that yesterday really brought home to me how few people I know here and how few I'm likely to get to know. I hope today I'll see more of the people I do know and get in more socializing. And keep myself in a better mood with managed expectations.

And now I must have breakfast and, more importantly, see if *today* I can successfully withdraw money from the ATMs. Yikes.