September 1st, 2007

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Nippon 2007: Sexual Japan: SF/SM

The description of this in the program appears to have been cut off, but is:

"'Although some of them seem unordinary and even bizarre, they successfully provide interesting insights of Japanese culture and imagination throughout the modern and postwar history of Japanese society.'"

Panelists: CJ (Shige) Suzuki; Koutaro Nkagaki.

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Nippon 2007: Re-Discovering Japan: The Unknown SF Masterpieces in Anime/Manga

Panel description:

"Many Japanese SF anime and manga masterpieces are still unknown to the foreign audience. In this panel, we'd like to introduce some of these by using great numbers of visual images and clips."

Koutaro NKAGAKI, CJ (Shige) SUZUKI.

A third person was added whose name I didn't get, a woman from Russia who is studying to be an anime voice actress.

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Nippon 2007: Yaoi v. Slash


"Simultaneous rise of the culture by Female around the world--it is Yaoi and Slash Fiction. This program gets . . . the program participants [to] approach the attractiveness and mystery of Yaoi / Slash Fiction through the comparison of them."

Mari Kotani, Ann Harris, Amy Thomson, Reiko Hikawa, Hisayo Ogushi, Junko Kaneda, Azusa Noa, Reona Kashiwazaki.

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