September 4th, 2007

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Nippon 2007: Levels and Limits of Metafictionality

This was the only panel I was on at Worldcon--and indeed my first ever. The description was exactly the same as the Bittercon panel:

"Stories about stories. When can the teller of a story successfully interact with the story, and when is it a cheat?"

This may have been a mistake--it may have attracted more people if it had been more detailed.

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Anyway, I had a really great time, for which I am *abjectly* grateful to the audience, who contributed so much and kept the conversation flowing in a way that just two panelists could never hope to do. The audience really made this panel work and I hope they enjoyed it half as much as I did.

As I said then, if anyone there has more to add, or wants to tell me what I've forgotten, please do. And I welcome further discussion from everyone else, as always. I'm temporarily turning off screening of anonymous comments to faciliatate the discussion--though from Wednesday through Friday, Japan time, I'll be offline.

Oh, and if it's a spoiler, either ROT13 it or put it between <span style="color: #999999; background-color: #999999"> </span>. Thanks.
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Japan: Tokyo day 4

(Written Monday night, posted Tuesday morning.)

Worldcon ended today but I didn't get to any of it because I was waiting for laundry machines to open up. (Who knew that Monday morning at 9 a.m. was such a popular time to wash clothes in Yokohama?) I missed Chad's blogging panel, which I regret--the topic doesn't interest me, but I expected it to be sparsely attended and he came and helped a lot at my panel.

Instead, we did tourism after lunch.

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