September 9th, 2007

wood cat

Nippon 2007: Summing Up

Some thoughts on the overall Nippon 2007 experience, written yesterday on the plane (and now with HTML, since I'm home with a proper keyboad and text/HTML editor! Yes, we're home; exhausted, very happy to be home, and quailing at unpacking and laundry and food-shopping and all that. Really, three weeks is the very limit of how long I ever want to be away.).

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wood cat

Japan: my pictures

I've put my pictures, with very minimal editing, up in this LJ gallery. They are rather peculiar, in that I mostly took pictures of (1) stuff that interested me that Chad wasn't going to take a picture of (he took many pictures and usually has a better eye than me) or (2) things in museums because my camera is supposed to be better for no-flash situations. So this is not representative by any means.

I apologize for the minimal editing and annotations, but I will never finish posting them if I don't do a hasty job. Feel free to ask questions about any of them and I will elaborate if I can.

ETA: now with cross-references to the relevant travel posts. Offer to elaborate still open.