October 28th, 2007

FMA (Flamel snake)

Fullmetal Alchemist: Conqueror of Shamballa

Chad pointed out yesterday that we were coming up on a year of not-watching the Fullmetal Alchemist movie. As he was quite right, we popped it in the DVD player.

Short version: didn't suck, but really should have been several episodes, not a movie.

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Also, vayshti is looking for meta thoughts on Ed's clothes during the series (warning: link is to a post with spoilers for the entire series). Anyone able to help?

wood cat

Three Weeks in Review

We saw comedian Stephen Wright perform here in Albany two weeks ago. Since I bought our tickets at the last minute, we ended up in orchestra seats, fifth row, which made more of a difference than I would have expected. (The man does, actually, smile on occasion.) The structure of the show alternated between strings of apparently-random one-liners ("A friend of mine has a trophy wife . . . but apparently it wasn't first place."), and longer stories with one-liners hung on them as ornamentation, such as a long surreal tale that started with his parrot making long-distance calls and ended with a truck full of seatbelts crashing into a police car. We enjoyed ourselves, and I may look into some of his recorded performances.

In general household news, we got the inside of our new windows painted . . . something like four years after they were installed. And this week, I got a bad haircut—that people keep telling me they like, which makes it even more annoying!—and had our shower literally fall apart on me, the slide bar coming off the wall. But there was also a lot of house stuff accomplished and good food and the Giants & Patriots winning, so on the whole I'm feeling pretty good to end the week.

A selection of recent-ish delicious links:

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Finally, the first disc of the anime Now and Then, Here and There turns remarkably unpleasant and stupid after a, well, unremarkable opening episode. This is something recommended to Chad, not me, but absent convincing reasons to the contrary, I won't be watching any more even if Chad Netflixs the other two discs.

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World Fantasy Con

So, who can tell me about World Fantasy Con? Specifically: Is this a thin year for programming, or is it always like this? Are there announced parties, or just generally social stuff that doesn't require waving your publication credits to get in? Anything we should particularly plan to do or to avoid?

And, of course, who's going? =>