November 7th, 2007

peering down, ocelet, my daemon

WFC reports poll; character meme

Wiped out for no obvious reason today, so no new panel reports. Here's a poll to help me decide which to do next:

What panel report should Kate post next?

Tolkien as a Horror Writer
The Pre-Christian Ghost
What Are the Taboos in Fantasy Today?



Also, the "tell me which fictional character I am" meme is very much fun, even if I absolutely suck at coming up with answers. (I've been thinking about it on and off most of today, and the only person I've decided on is veejane, who hasn't even asked and might not appreciate my answer anyway.) But the accumulated results are like the League of Extraordinary Gentlemen game that went around a few years ago: yhlee is Iskierka from the Temeraire books, and oyceter is Fuu from Samurai Champloo, and I am Kate Somerville from the Lymond Chronicles [*], and together we fight crime! In the person of . . . someone who has unleashed a plague of locusts, because they would all be very upset at the wrecking of the food supply.

Okay, I said I wasn't very good at this.

[*] According to rachelmanija, but if you have another idea, go ahead.

And now I go off to gather strength for the morrow by reading Qwan.